Introductory Workshops

ISTA staff has provided workshops and seminars to conferences within Israel and abroad to introduce the basic concepts and experiences of Sandplay as well as case material related to special populations.    ISTA staff is interested and available to institutions around the world to provide introductory experiences and concepts related to Sandplay Therapy, and to present material they have been working with.

ISTA have been innovative in developing new formats to introduce professionals to the richness and power of Sandplay Therapy.    In addition to the classical presentation of individual case material, they have created formats that combine both intellectual stimulation, group interaction and process, and experiential work with Sandplay while still respecting the very private and personal nature of the work that involves reaching into ones imagination to access images that bring one closer to, and deeper into one’s Self.     These workshops are a special combination and integration of play, imagination, intellectual work, interpersonal interaction, and sensory-motor activities – that are at once both professional and consistent with the multi-sense and multifaceted aspect of Sandplay Therapy itself.
Please refer to ISTA secretary for more information.