ISST Congress 2015

The 23rd ISST Congress to be held in Ottawa, Canada August 5-10, 2015

“Finding the Stillpoint…
…at the Crossroads”

Finding a stillpoint in today’s every-changing world is a monumental task and is essential for the survival of soul and spirit.  The world is in crisis and our humanity is at stake as we are faced with ever increasing change, conflict, and violence.  Amidst these global circumstances, deeper psychological wellsprings are needed to contain trauma, and offer some version of constancy and hope in uncertain times.  In our work, a personal Jungian psychoanalytic focus using Sandplay Therapy is a way of discovering an inner stillpoint.

isstcongress2015People are at crossroads as they enter into therapy, mostly expecting an easy and fast solution.  How do we continue to hold for the integrity of a process that encourages slow unfoldment of the psyche to deal with the dilemmas and problems confronting us?  How do we create visions of crossroads that hold the tensions that arise in any conflict?  What can Sandplay offer that contains profound, abiding changes, which are needed when people are faced with untenable choices or hopelessness in their inner and outer worlds.  Jung highlighted the following quote in Volume I on Nietzsche’s Zarathustra; “One must still have chaos in oneself to give birth to a dancing star.”

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