Sandplay Therapy Training Program

(in Hebrew)

School for Advanced Studies, Kibbutzim college of Education, Tel Aviv

Program Director: Lenore F Steinhardt
Teaching Staff: Liela Abramovich, Yonat Fischer, Tehila Shoham, Hana Eker

  • The Sandplay Therapy Training is a Two Year Program, providing a total of 156 hours,
    13 Fridays per year, once every two weeks, from 8:30 to 13:30.
  • The Program is open to experienced therapists, with a BA or MA in Psychology, Social Work, or an MA or Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapies.
  • Conditions for acceptance: At least two years of work experience as a therapist, after completing a BA or MA and/or Certificate in a therapeutic profession; completion of a personal Sandplay process of at least 25 sessions with a certified Sandplay therapist; Interview with the Program Director.
  • Location: the course is held in room Daled-5 on the campus of the Kibbutzim College of Education, Ramat Aviv, 149 Namir Road, Tel Aviv
  • Tuition: The cost of each year of study is 5750 Israeli Shekels per year
  • Certificate: Students who have fulfilled all the entrance requirements to the program, and have written in the second year of study, two research papers on symbols or phenomena in Sandplay, will receive a Certificate for 156 hours of study, of which 140 cover the theoretical requirements, and 16 hours are experiential. The theoretical hours are recognized by ISTA and ISST.

The Sandplay Training Program:

The program is open to experienced therapists who wish to add this method to their own professional therapeutic approach and understand the theoretical and experiential base of Jungian Sandplay therapy. This form of Sandplay enables a client to touch deep unconscious layers of the psyche and to create the symbolic conditions for change, through spontaneous play with sand, water and miniatures. The two-year sequence of study is structured according to content required by ISST for certification as a Sandplay therapist, with emphasis on integration between understanding theory and understanding the actual experience of sandplay.


  • History of Sandplay, development and understanding of this method until the present.
  • Jungian theory, and the Structure of the Psyche according to Jung, Major archetypes- the
    Feminine, the Masculine, The Child/ Hero/ Transformation, the Self.
  • The Personal Unconscious and the Collective Unconscious
  • The principle of the Wounded Healer, Transference, Counter-transference and Co-
    transference in Jungian Sandplay.
  • The setting, the sandtrays, sand, water, and the miniature collection.
  • The role of the therapist, the inner and outer process in Sandplay therapy
  • Sandplay with Children, with Adults, Sandplay in Psychiatry
  • The role of the symbol with examples from case studies
  • Myth and Fairy Tales that support the symbolic therapeutic process